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Seo Course


# Module 1 :

Basics and introduction to Search Engines –

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

What is organic results, local results and paid results in Google

How Search Engines Work.

What is Search Engine Algorithm?

What is Onpage SEO & Offpage SEO?

What is bots, website cache and crawlers

# Module 2 :

HTML Structure, Semantic Errors and Validation –

Writing code of HTML

Using colour, fonts and sizes

Different HTML Elements, tags & attributes.

Understanding Semantic & HTML Structural Errors.

# Module 3 :

Advanced SEO Keywords Analysis Training –

What is keywords and why it’s important

Understanding how keywords work

Importance of Keywords (Keyword Phrase) on Search Engine Optimization.

Choosing best keywords for maximum benefits

Manual Keyword Analysis SEO Techniques.

How to calculate the Keyword Efficiency Index for each keyword.

Keyword Stuffing & Blackhat SEO & outcome.

Using Google’s Keyword Planner.

# Module 4 :

Onpage Search Engine Optimization (Onsite SEO) Training –

Page Title Optimization.

Meta Description Optimization.

Meta Author, Robots Optimization.

Meta Viewport, Geo Tags Optimization.

Header (H1, H2, H3 etc.) Optimization.

Search Engine Optimized Content Writing & Optimization.

Keyword Placement & Strong & Emphasis tags.

File optimization.

Website Link Structure Optimization.

SEO friendly URL optimization.

Search Engine Optimized Breadcrumbs.

Link Title & Anchor Text Optimization.

Inner Link & Outbound Link Optimization.

Image Optimization for SEO.

Image Name, Image Title & Image Alt Optimization.

SEO friendly Website Structure & Layout Optimization.

Website Footer Optimization.

CSS, Javascript & Coding optimization.

Different Unethical Onpage SEO Practices & how to avoid & fix them.

# Module 5 :

Advanced Google Search Console (Google Webmaster), Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster Training –

What is Google Analytics & its use.

What is Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster tools.

Adding your website in Google webmaster

Adding your website in Bing webmaster

obots.txt file creation & uses

Creating Google analytics accounts

Inserting tracking code into website

Data analysis and reporting using Google Search Console.

# Module 6 :

Advanced WordPress SEO Training –

What is WordPress?

Important WP SEO Plugins

How to change title, meta etc using plugin

Complete WordPress post optimization.

WordPress post optimization using Yoast SEO plugin.

Image optimization

sitemap creation in WordPress

XML sitemap creation and submission

# Module 7 :

Advanced Offpage Search Engine Optimization (Offsite SEO) Training –

What is link building

Thorough site analysis for Off-page SEO

Analysis of competitor’s website for off-page SEO

Different types of backlinks.

Nofollow & Dofollow links & their differences.

How to get Dofollow links from authority websites.

Backlink Anchor Text optimization for natural & ethical SEO.

Classified backlinks from good quality classified websites.

Web 2.0 backlinks.

Youtube optimization & inbound links from Youtube & other video broadcasting sites.

SEO Content writing & article submissions on article submission sites.

# Module 8 :

Local SEO Training –

What is Local SEO?

Business listing on Google My Business (Google Places).

Business Reviews on Google My Business (Google Places) and other business directories.

Bing Local listing.

How NAP affects your GLL

How to get reviews in Google local listing

# Module 9 :

Advanced Voice Search SEO Optimization Training –

What is Voice Search?

How Voice Search works.

Conversational keywords.

Optimization techniques for voice searches.

# Module 10 :

Advanced Website Audit and Site Recovery Training –

Complete website analysis and audit.

Site audit using different SEO tools.

Complete knowledge of different Google Algorithm updates.

Website recovery from Google Panda (Content) updates.

Google Real-Time Penguin Update.

Google Rank Brain Algorithm Update.

Google Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) Update.

# Module 11 :

Advanced Mobile SEO Training –

What is Mobile SEO?

Difference between desktop/ laptop SEO and mobile optimization techniques.

What is responsive web design (RWD)?

What is Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)?

Mobile Viewport.

Mobile site layout optimization.

Mobile site image optimization.

Mobile site indexing techniques.

# Module 12 :

Understanding redirection in SEO –

Creating custom 404, 403 pages

Understand 301 redirection (Permanent redirection)

302 Temporary Redirection

What is mobile redirection and when to use that

# Module 13 :

Social Media Marketing –

What is Social Media Marketing?
How many types of ads can we run on facebook?
How to use facebook for lead generation?
Can we use facebook for branding?
How to target right audience?
How to increase likes of facebook business page?
Run ad on Instagram
How to grow your Instagram fast?
How to run ad on Linkedin?
How to run ad on twitter?
How to increase engagement of tweets?

# Module 14 :

Search Engine Marketing/PPC –

What is Google Adwords
What is Bing Ads
What is Campaign?
What is Adgroups?
Difference between Ads and Keywords?
How many types of ads?
Difference between dynamic search ads and dynamic keyword insertion?
Keyword Match Types
Broad Match Types
Phrase Match Types
Exact Match Types
Broad Modified Match Types
Ad Extension
Bid Adjustment
How to control fraud click on your ad
Bid Simulator
Advanced location options