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Unit 1: Introduction To PHP

Why you will learn “PHP” ? , What is PHP ?, History of PHP, PHP Versions, Usage of PHP, Advantage of using PHP, Dis-advantage.

Unit 2: Server Management

Configure PHP Installation, Some Basic settings, More about directory structure, Details about different types of server(Dedicated and shared), Configure Apache Installation, Configure MySQL.

Unit 3: PHP Basics

The PHP Character Set, Constants, Variables, Keywords, Data Type, PHP Structure and Syntax, Passing Variable between Pages using GET, POST, REQUEST, SESSION, COOKIES, FILES, SERVER, EVN.

Unit 4: Expressions and Their Types

Using if else statement, Operators, Date function format, File Include, Use of Functions, Array – Associated and Numeric Array, Sorting Arrays, Foreach constructs, Alternates to the echo command, How to use Javascript and CSS —– Assignment.

Unit 5: Working with MySQL

Field Types, Import & Export, MySQL Storage Engines, Connecting to the MySQL Server, Querying the Database, Retrieve information from Database, Show record from Table, Add, Edit and Delete records. —– Assignment.

Unit 6: Form Elements

Working with Text box, Password, Select Box, Check box, Radio button, Multiple List Box, Text Area, File Upload, Page Redirect, Ternary Operator, Form Validations. —– Assignment.

Unit 7: Error Management

Types of Error, Error codes, Creating a custom Error Handler. —– Assignment.

Unit 8: Email Management

Send Basic Email, Send HTML Version. Send Image in Email. —– Assignment.

Unit 9: File Operations

Opening and Closing Files, Types of FileModes, PHP Functions for FILE handling . Reading a file : like: Reading Excell sheet content and put it in Database. Dynamic create and Read file —– Assignment.

Unit 10: Image Manipulation

Overview of GD libraryCreating Thumbnails, Adding Captions over Image, Adding Watermarks and Merging Images. —– Assignment.

Unit 11: CSS Management

CSS Basics, Application of CSS with HTML, Types of CSS with examples —– Assignment.

Unit 12: Javascript Management

Variables, Array Declaration, Loop, Statements, InnerHTML,Math functions, Events, Javascript validations, Using PHP with Javascript. —– Assignment.

Unit 13:AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and Xml)

What is Ajax, Advantage of Using Ajax, Implementation of Ajax in PHP. —– Assignment.

After completion of UNITS:  

  1. Additional Problems, Project Assignment.


Reference Books:

  1. Beginning PHP5, Apache, MySQL Web Development – WROX Publication.
  2. Learn PHP , MySQL and JavaScript — By Robin Nixon
  3. PHP Cookbook : Solution and Examples for PHP Programers — By Adam Trachtenberg, and David Sklar
  4. Programming PHP — By Rasmus Lerdorf, Kevin Tatroe, and Peter MacIntyre

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