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Unit 1: PHP 5 & OOPs

What is php5, Difference between php4 and php5, Objected Oriented Programming Concept, Advantage of OOPS, Class, Object, Inheritance, Constructor.

Unit 2: Advance OOPs

Interface, Singleton Class ,Possibility of Multiple Inheritance and Polymorphism in php, Static Variables and Functions, Abstract Class.

Unit 3: MVC Basics

Understanding of Model View Controller. MVC with an Example. Knowledge about .htacces file, all type to re-write rules, php.ini settings.

Unit 4: Zend Framework

Zend with MVC. Zend with an example site.

Unit 5: Working with MySQL

Concept of Database, RDBMS Concept, Primary Key and Foreign Key Concept.

 Mysql Query : Insert, Select, Delete, Update, IN, NOT IN, DISTINCT, AVERAGE,SUM, WHERE Clause, GROUP BY, Truncate, Unique vs Primary.

Join, Left Join, Right Join, Inner Join , CASE, Data type in mysql, DATE AND Time functions.

Indexing, Query Cache, Imposing Constraints.

stored procedure, views, trigger, case in  MYSQL, MYSQL optimization, with hacking knowledge. 

Unit 6: Joomla

Usage of Joomla CMS, Understanding file structure of Joomla , Creating a CMS website through Joomla, Joomla from SEO Prospect.

Create new component & module.

Unit 7: Os-Commerce

Directory Structure, Change Template, Custom coding, Database structure 

(Understanding E-commerce Concepts, Designing of Database of an ecommerce project.)


What is magneto?

Magneto Directory structure

Magneto theme change

What is layout, layout element, block, template, Static Block, CMS Pages, about setting from backend configuration,

Create custom module with create table in database.    Magento as an ecommerce application, Magento as a CMS, Creating an ecommerce website using Magento.